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Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry is all about prevention. We believe that healthy gums and the supporting bones are the foundation to keep your smile for a lifetime. Our primary goal is to educate our patients to recognize and prevent dental and gum disease problems.

No matter how well you brush and floss at home, a professional cleaning is necessary at least 2 times per year. Here are some of the benefits of a professional cleaning:

  1. Removal of Tartar deposits. Tartar is a very tough substance that can eventually lead to gum disease.
  2. Professional cleanings can get into places your toothbrush can not reach.
  3. Smoothing and polishing of the roots and surfaces of your teeth.
  4. Elimination of stains and mild discolouration so your teeth will look whiter & brighter.

When treatment is required, you are in good hands. Dr. Ponciano will address all your dental concerns, and together, determine the best dental option for you. Fees will be discussed before treatment and a flexible payment plan set up, if necessary to meet your individual financial needs. Please ask for our preferred senior's dental rates.

It's never too late to start preventive oral care. We can develop a treatment plan with you. Remember: Prevention is the best investment!

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